Washing is an important service that every boat requires. Having your boat washed professionally will extend it’s life. Salt water is harmful to every type of surface when it’s not removed properly. When salt water is left on a boat, it will etch water spots into the surface of the gel coat, glass, vinyl and Isinglass. Saltwater is corrosive and will destroy your metal quickly. Even waxed boats that are not washed regularly will develop etched watermarks and corrosion on the metal.

Professional Wash Service

  • Wash all exterior surfaces
  • Cleaning of non-skid, vinyl and canvas
  • Clean Isinglass and windows
  • Chamois dry all surfaces

Monsoon Yacht Service will professionally wash your boat from roof to waterline using a quality boat soap that will not strip the wax.
Our washes remove all bird droppings, salt, dirt and water spots.
We dry the whole boat and also lift the hatches to wipe out the scupper drains.