Gel coat, like paint, fades and oxidizes overtime due to exposure to UV light. Polishing the gelcoat removes a thin outer layer to expose the less damaged material underneath. Oxidizing is a surface effect while fading goes deeper in the material. A dull oxidized surface may restore to a deep luster with polishing but still leave an uneven color due to fading. This is more prevalent in dark colors but can be seen even in off-whites. If the color has faded, polishing alone may not restore a uniform appearance.

Monsoon Yacht Service has what it takes to make your boat shine, no matter what the age or condition. Boats in good condition may only need a one step wax job, because Gelcoat is so sensitive to UV degradation most boats will need a 2 or possibly a 3 step polishing process to remove the oxidization and surface scratches and restore the shine.

It is recommended to have your boat waxed every 4 to 6 months with a quality marine UV protecting wax to avoid oxidization and reduce future restoration costs.